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"The nerd in me thanks ya, Hank. I made it m’self. I kinda nerd out in October between Halloween an’ Comic Con."

"Regreattably, as much as I may desire to adorn myself in a costume, my choice of Halloween attire is limited due to my distinctive appearance. Do you perhaps have any suggestions as that who or what I can dress up as?"

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A Time to Learn // Dr. Henry McCoy and Darcy Lewis


Darcy unconsciously put a finger to her lips as she though about questions to ask him. She was curious, extremely curious really, about mutants as she did not spend much time around them. She did not know where to begin with those types of questions or even if McCoy would be comfortable talking about it.

She took a sip of her coffee and set it to the side. “I have actually been curious about mutants.” She bit her lip, thinking of an actual question. ” I guess my first questions would be is are multiple parts of the DNA changed with different mutants? The abilities you posses seem so varying. You don’t have to answer of course.”

Dr. McCoy gave a great big grin. Darcy wanted to talk about what was perhaps one of his favourite topics to talk about. It often came up often enough. Non-mutant humans were naturally curious about mutants. As the top authority on mutant genetics in the world, it came as no surprise that people asked so many questions of Hank. “I will happily converse with you about my main area of expertise. I am after all not exclusively a mutant rights activist or a geneticist. I am a mutant and proud of it.” Obviously his career in education did not stop when he left the grounds of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

"Well," Beast began. "Like with any human being, each minuscule portion of a mutant human’s DNA governs how they look and how their body operates. A single, specific strand of DNA determined what sort of superhuman abilities a mutant has as much as what color their hair and eyes may be. Naturally those aspects may also be affected by the mutant X-gene." The doctor motioned to his blue, furry face and large appendages as he said this. "That is where the key to the entirety if mutantkind rests: the X-gene. My friend and mentor, Professor Charles Xavier was the one to initially discover said gene, but other scientists, such as myself and Moira McTaggert have engaged in extensive research of the subject."

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It’s the first day a’ Halloween guys.

"Oh my stars and garters! You certainly pulled out all the stops. That Han Solo costume is quite intricate and detailed. As well as screen-accurate, if I may add. I must say, I am rather impressed, Remy."

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