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Open Wounds | Hank and Maria

Something had been bothering Hank McCoy for weeks now. He had decided once and for all to put an end to it. Hopefully words could be exchanged peacefully and any necessary amends could be made. The scientist was keeping an eye out around Avengers Tower for Silver Claw. She had acted strangely the last time they had seen one another. Now that the situation with the Skrulls invading had come to an end, perhaps they could discuss the matter.

Fortunately, she happened to be in the same kitchen that Beast was entering that particular morning. He had come to prepare himself some breakfast. As the mutant activist put a pot of water on the range top to boil, he turned to meet Maria’s gaze.

"Good morning, Maria. Please forgive my forwardness, but I was hoping that we would be able to converse together. I could not help but infer during the recent Skrull incident that you displayed a considerable distrust towards me. I am unaware as to whether this was simply a product of the paranoia surrounding the Skrull incursion or if there are any deeper motivations behind these attitudes."

The tall, blue man sat his large frame down on a nearby kitchen stool, crossing his legs beneath himself. He gave a warm smile and attempted to have his facial expression and body language sincere and non-threatening.

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Parallels | McCoy and Brandt

Dr. Henry McCoy entered the Manhattan headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He made his way up numerous floors to the office of Agent Tyler Brandt. Out of the blue, the FBI agent had contacted him. Unfortunately, details had not been provided as to what Brandt wanted to talk to him about. Regardless, Beast was happy to comply and offer any assistance he could to the federal government.

However, Hank’s presence there was two-fold. He had heard tell of romantic involvement between Agents Brandt and Wiley. It had been nearly a year ago that they had their brief entanglement, but the mutant scientist still cared deeply about Shae. Hank wanted to ensure that her partner was a good person, someone who could take care of her in the ways he could not. Perhaps these two would turn out to be more compatible. That was his hope at any rate.

Large blue knuckles rapped on the office door. “Agent Brandt?” queried the X-Man as he entered the room. “What is the precise nature of the matter you wished to see me about?” Smoothing out his blazer, Beast smiled pleasantly at the FBI agent. Tyler may be with a woman he himself had feelings for, but there was no point in not being cordial and civilized in their dealings.

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Carol gave him a warm smile in response and thought on how many students owed their knowledge to the man in front of her. His dedication truly was remarkable. 

"I’ll make sure to send him something nice at Christmas," Carol commented with a grin, "Great! But go easy on big guy, yeah?" She winked, knowing the match would be tight considering both their strengths and combat knowledge. It would definitely be interesting to see how both fared. "Space sure is an adventure," She agreed. "You ever fancy a trip again you’ll have to drop me a line, I’ll take any excuse to go!" As much as she loved Earth, Space felt like home. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel she had a home on Earth, though her apartment was still destroyed so she didn’t officially have one, it was just that Space was in her blood. "She is," Carol nodded fondly, "I’m grateful to have her and all the Avengers for that matter. We’ve had our problems but we’re a good team. More than that, we’re a family."

Hank gave a warm chuckle. “But whatever do you give to the man who has everything? Stark is a notoriously difficult individual to purchase gifts for.” He laughed again and glanced over at Captain Marvel. “However, I do rather anticipate our amiable sparring session to be a great deal of fun.”

"An adventure, indeed. That is one way of describing it," he said somewhat sardonically. Beast’s experiences in space were not always positive ones. In fact, they had been rarely good. Professor Xavier being kidnapped. The Shi’ar Empire wanting his best friend Jean Grey dead for what she had done under the control of the Phoenix Force. Battling super-powered aliens alongside the rest of the X-Men. Dealing with the vicious Brood or the malicious techno-organic Legion. "Outer space and I are by no means on friendly terms."

A family. Carol’s words rang in Henry’s head. He knew exactly what she meant. While the Avengers had never felt that way for him, it perfectly described the mutant scientist’s relationship with the X-Men. “I can certainly consociate with that particular sentiment,” Hank said softly with a bright smile and a sip of his coffee. His grey-blue eyes sparkled in delight.

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Does This Mean War? || Kitty, Jean, (Scott), and Hank



Kitty let Jean phase straight through her body as she ran toward her loved one. As tears rolled down her face, Kitty realized how much she loved Scott, too. Not the way Jean did, and god, could he be a bastard sometimes, but Scott had been like an older brother for Kitty for more than half her life. She learned so much from him about leadership and identity. She couldn’t let him go down now.

Turning away from Jean, she caught the weapon that Hank had tossed in her direction. There was just one Sentinel left, and it was walking straight towards the school. With the combined powers of the EMP gun and her electron disruption abilities, she could take this one down on her own, but she knew the robot would fall forward.

Kitty ran at a record speed away from the building, and turned toward the robot, pointing her gun straight at it.

"Hey, loser!" She yelled, and waited for it to turn around. It did.

Mutant detected. Pryde, Katherine. Prepare for -“

"Oh, shut up." She shot the gun’s wave straight up, on full capacity. As the machine’s eye’s flickered, it began to lose balance, and fell forward. Kitty dropped Beast’s device and pounced into the air, colliding with the android’s chest and going straight through to the other side. 

She came down somewhere near its legs, landing gracefully like a cat. She looked up at the others

"We need to get Scott to the infirmary, NOW!" She called, her heart racing.


He looked pale, much too pale, and Jean knew that she was in a hopeless position as she heard Hank’s voice echo from his position behind her, but she refused to look at him, giving a nod instead. Damn him and his sense of duty, his resignation for rightousness would always prevail, even when Scott’s life was hanging in the balance. One hand stroked her lover’s cheek while the other balled into a fist by her side.

"You help him, Hank, do you hear me? Help him. I don’t care what you have to do."

Kitty was facing down the sentinel as Jean pushed herself back up onto her feet. She couldn’t look back over her shoulder, not when so many people were counting on her. She raised her right hand and focused on Kitty, she could phase, but she wasn’t invulnerable. A shield appeared around the headmistress, and Jean tweaked her psionic wavelength to give Hank’s magnetic pulse rifle a little extra oomf power. She kept her gaze on the hulking mass of metal that was gaining on them, detecting their mutant genes and making one hell of a mess.

"Everybody get down and stay down," she called.

Jean was set to cause a blast of energy that she hoped would cause a chain reaction, that any subsequent monsters were dealt with as the cards began to fall. Kitty lined her shot, timed it with precision, and then Jean cushioned the blow of the fall and her mind shattered a thousand electronic plates into dust. She gave all that she had, with more force, the robots began to discintigrate. All the while, Scott was not far from her thoughts.

"Go," she swallowed thickly. "I’m right behind you."

He had to be OK. He just had to be.

"I will do everything in my power, Jean. Believe me, I will stop at nothing," Hank said, his voice laden with determination. Beast scooped up the slim, muscular form of his old friend in his arms. Scott Summers was limp and felt cool to the touch. Kitty as right: he needed to get to the infirmary post haste. He traveled as quickly as he safely could, taking care to not jostle his patient. Once the blue-furred doctor had made his way to the med lab, he set the other man on a hovering operating table to examine him. Hank had taken to liberty of incorporating Shi’ar technology into his laboratory when the Jean Grey School was first built.

Cyclops had a pulse, rapidly pounding out a beat. “Come now, fearless leader, do not resign yourself to defeat now. You are the most stubborn and obstinate person I am acquainted with,” urged the Beast. His exterior injuries were relatively minor, although there were some bleeding lacerations that needed to be attended to. What Dr. McCoy was chiefly concerned with was the possibility of internal injuries to Scott’s brain or other vital organs.

Hank set to work hastily bandaging up the various gashes on his friend’s body, putting a halt to the hemorrhaging. Gently, the physician placed Scott into the medical imaging scanner and fired up the machine. Holographic images displayed themselves on the view screens and identified several broken bones as well as low brain activity. His cerebral cortex was not operating at normal capacity. Fortunately, most the major organs appeared to have been spared. It seemed the ribcage had done its job well. The mutant doctor leaned over his patient to check his eyes, but stopped himself short. Due to Cyclops’s optic blasts, Henry had no way to check how responsive his eyes were. A prank that Bobby had attempted to pull on Scott back in the day taught the original X-Men that their leader’s powers functioned perfectly fine even when he was unconscious. The resulting hole in the roof caused Scott to have to stay in Warren’s room for the next few weeks while the Professor had it all repaired. Even without further investigation, signs pointed to Summers being comatose.

The din from the battle high above was dying down as Hank McCoy moved his patient to a bed and hooked him up to life support systems. He changed his old friend out of his ruined uniform and into a hospital gown and the custom ruby-quartz glasses he and Jean has fashioned for Scott. Bleeding had ceased and bones set, but whether or not Scott would come out of this coma was up to Cyclops himself.

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Future || Idie & (Open)


It was her last year at the Jean Grey School. Her final year ever. After this, she would have completed her education. Would would she do? Where would she live? Idie was at a loss. New York was so big — and she was so small. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was scared. Scared of what was to come. It wasn’t like her to worry about the future, it never had been. Idie had always been focused on the present moment, fixing the problems she faced each day; but somehow, this was going to be a constant problem she was going to face everyday.

She was sitting in her small area she had set up on the Krakoa — the plants she grew were planted their, and around it was a bookcase, a small, red sofa, and a mirror. It was her quiet place. She liked it there. Sometimes, it was the only place the thermokinetic could ever get some peace and quiet. It was her space, one she had created herself and it allowed her to be alone. Alone in a way that suited her — here she garden, read, and just think about things. Nice things. 

The cool September breeze brushed through her hair as she kneeled on the ground, digging up various plants and placing them into pots. “Come on…” Idie muttered out of frustration at a Cannas that had rooted itself extremely deep into the ground. Idie was moving some of her plants into her dorm room — which had been described as a jungle without the plants Idie planned to add in. What would happen to her space once she left the school? Perhaps one of the younger students could use… But a part of Idie wanted to keep it just to herself.

The young mutant felt a presence behind her and froze. Turning around slowly, she looked at the new comer. “How did you find me?” She asked, furrowing her brow. “Did the Krakoa tell you how to get here? They always seem to be doing that…” Idie mumbled, turning back to her plants, making sure the Cannas was settled in its new pot. “Can I help you with something?”

The new academic year was about to start. It had been a rather eventful summer for Hank McCoy, despite being considerably calmer than the last. There had been plentiful research topics, an unscheduled trip to the Savage Land, and a mission to Madripoor. He had caught up with old friends, and began building connections with new ones. But now the doctor was ready for school again: the familiar pattern of creating curriculum, teaching classes, and grading homework.

However, before any of that could happen, Hank had to talk to one of his favourite students. Idie Okonkwo was a bit of a challenge to find, but the beastial mutant managed to track her down. When she asked him how he had found her, he was compelled to answer honestly. “I simply followed your scent to this location. It is rather reclusive, but my olfactory sense did not fail me,” Henry said matter-of-factly. That aspect of his power set was not often something he brought up in polite conversation.  
"Pardon my intrusion, Idie. I wished to discuss some matters of importance with you. I also wished to extend my thanks to you. It is because of you, albeit indirectly, that I remain alive today, You convinced me to seek the assistance from my colleagues that saved my life. So for that, I am eternally grateful." Beast smiled warmly as he said this.

"Now, regarding those other concerns. Have you considered continuing to reside at the Jean Grey School after your graduation? You need not answer now, but I believe you would be a valuable addition to the active roster of the X-Men. You have demonstrated your capability and competence time and again." The field teams were certainly not lacking in terms of quantity or quality, but their members often came and went. The X-Men were always looking for young new talents to add to their ranks. In Hank’s mind, the thermokinetic girl was highly qualified for such a position. "You could do a great deal of good with the team," he added with another smile, this one softer than the last.

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